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Author Topic: scandals-wars between studios  (Read 1607 times)


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scandals-wars between studios
« on: March 30, 2019, 08:44:44 am »
Evil [2699]   Game Idea 2017-09-09, 23:31:10

   Studio War

Maybe some of this ideas can be useful . Make studio war more civil . No hate it should look like contest. Shake hands and let better win . Create Zones ( territory ) Players who are in studio can have Territory . Max players with Zones 12 Max players for studio can be like it is now . First 1k land for Zone should cost 1k purple $ another one 2^2 another 3^3.... Zone 10k =10k^2 Another 1k will be very expensive so you have to look around and attack other studio to take land for free. Only players with zones can take part in studio war. Studio War could be declarate by newspaper ad . Player can declarate with rulez or without rulez . War should be finished after 6 days or if one of studio surrender . Time before start 2 days To make war more complicated more tactic during war allow joined attacks 2 players can attack one player Players can defend each other but 1 player can defend only 6 players. If player go to attack his Zone is defended only by players who stayed as defensive players To make it work create table for pacts 12x12 . In this table President or Vice of studio can set who will be defender and which zones will be defended . And they will give orders who stay or who will be attacker . Combat should be automatic and result should be in the same time as Silicon bank 9 am . If attacker breake defense zone Icu time for Zone owner = Example : 2 players level 150 and 200 breake zone defense so defeated zone owner go to icu how he will lost to player level 350 Only power and defense should be calculated during war . All players during war use the same weapon for example AK69 . Defenders also should defend with AK69 Even if they don`t have such a weapon . Defensive stats will be more important. If player stays in icu his defense should be weaker and he/she can`t attack during war. But if player meds out can send attack. Pacts Example : Player 1 have 24kk defense if President set pacts 6 for this player so Player 2 will get only 1/6 of his defense = 4kk defense . If the same player will defend only 2 player they will get 12kk defense . One Defense pact = 100 % Two Defense pact = 50 % Three Defense pact =33 % Zone should give dealy income Example for every 1k Land 1k $ If studio will collect 1G land can start bulid porn monument :) 1 day =1% If more than 50 % zones owner will stay in icu they will not got this 1 % After Studio get 100 % of this building it will be end of era . In this time every studio can attack this studio . After end of era Winners got 1G $ After end of era All players Pad divided in half New era new zones I know that it is a lot of code but in this way we can have something what other similiar games have not . Zone should be paid like vip packs because its a lot of work . ( When I drink martini I shouldn`t touch keybord )
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