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Author Topic: Game update 10/04/2017  (Read 8242 times)


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Game update 10/04/2017
« on: October 04, 2017, 02:29:54 pm »
Resetable Wall of Fame
HOF is now updated with a trimester resettable mod, Wall of Fame, located in the city.
Based on this, every 3 months the top 5 players will be rewarded with an amount of credits.
Please note that some values between Wall of Fame and resettable stats from HOF may be different.
Search for Wall of Fame located in the city.

- Personal fame in studio - [in progress]
- Stealth attacks updated with 5 points during a scandal.
- The kill list is now available for every studio you are in scandal with.
- Minor fixes on starting a scandal and surrender requests.

Pet Missions
Pet missions are available in town. Doing Pet missions returns good money and mark Achievements points.
Every mission has limited numbers of days to complete it. If you exceed the limited time required by the Pet mission, this will be canceled.
Some missions require items. Find the items in Lucky Boxes.
You can do anytime and how many times you want a mission with your pet.
After starting the mission, you need to gather the required stats and kill to finish it.
You can find the full list of missions down the city.

Cancel a Mission
You can cancel a mission or a Pet mission at any time in exchange for a sum of money.
You also have the possibility, for more money, to cancel the current mission and keep the stats for the next one.

Hires updated
Prostitution hires updated with more dynamic content. Turn your prostitution ON and stay tuned :o)

Busts updated
The EXP gained is increased on successful busts. The success formula is IQ, Moral and buster & busted's level.

Hack the bank
Hack the bank is the new thing!
Attack the banking system and earn money and EXP and buy perks to increase your chances of success.
Hackers First aid, Advanced hacker or Cybernetica are the Perks used for hacking.
The wining value is directly proportional with the amount of money that you have in that bank.
Hacking the bank will cost you 50% Energy and 50% Skill. In case of fail, you end in Jail and your Morale will drop with 50%.
There is a small chance that the police hospitalize you by shooting you.
VIP players can hack the bank twice per hour instead of one hacking.
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Re: Game update 10/04/2017
« Reply #1 on: October 05, 2017, 06:13:14 am »
Seduce the guardian
While in jail you can use your charm to seduce the guardian.
The success rate depends mostly on Shine and a little IQ.
A seduction will cost you 20% Skill and if you succeed you escape from jail and gain EXP.