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Author Topic: In search of...  (Read 4097 times)


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In search of...
« on: March 30, 2019, 08:53:42 am »
Dear PT players we are searching right now some of the fallowing themes:

Theme 1. One or more players who can work together and get 4-6 crimes for skill 100 written. We need the fail in jail or icu, success or just normal fail text. And we need it ASAP done.

Theme 2. One or more players who can help with the layout of the game in such special occasions like Xmas, Easter, Summer Fest, etc. If you think you got the skills why dont give it a try and lets see what you come up with.

Theme 3. One or more players who can help with names of diverse items to be made for the cities from lvl 2000 up. Got some ideas? Share it with us please, we are happy to see what you got in mind and what we can use.

Please register here on the topic for the exact theme if you wish to do it.

Thank you and dont forget, you will be rewarded for your work. Nothing is in vain!

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